If you've come this far, let this be your sign to keep going! Join the movement of women who are discovering the power of boudoir through a truly unique and personalized experience.

Located conveniently just one hour south of Atlanta, we welcome you to our 2,000 sq. ft studio located in the heart of downtown Pine Mountain, Georgia.  Nestled in Lauren's hometown, our studio provides high quality, full service experiences for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities. We believe that all women deserve to witness the POWER of boudoir and are here to help make that dream a reality. Your transformative journey with us will leave you feeling incredibly confident, full of self love, insanely sexy, and radiating with positivity.

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the power of boudoir


Hey there, I'm Lauren!  Your new hype woman, biggest cheerleader, personal confidant, and go to girl for all things boudoir! With over 3 years of experience in shooting boudoir, it's become my mission in life to show every individual the incredible POWER of this personalized art form. 

With every client that I meet, I aim to create a fun and comfortable environment that encourages them to embrace their bodies openly, express themselves without fear, and let the judgement of the outside world cease to exist in an accepting and supportive space! 

My style with photography can be described as moody and romantic, with intentional uses of shadows and highlights to showcase the focus of my photos. My goal is to allow the viewer to really feel the essence of the moment captured and portray it in an intimate and personal way.

When I'm not being a boss babe, you can find me at a music festival, on the beach, hanging with my girl friends, consuming too much queso, or trying to keep my house plants alive LOL.

I try to live life unapologetically and authentically with hopes that it radiates to everyone I meet! Feel free to keep exploring my page and I hope that I'll be able to meet you soon!





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$350 session fee

complimentary consultation
1.5 hour posing session
professional hair & makeup
lingerie closet access
order & reveal session

*digital images and products are not included with the session fee and are sold seperately. products begin at $900. 0% interest in-house payment plans are available.


One week after your posing session, you will come back into our studio for your Reveal & Ordering session. During this time we will reveal all of the powerful poses from your day, review the luxury products and albums we offer, and make your final product selections. Once your final order has been placed, we will notify you when your purchases are ready for pick up. Return time for products can take up to  4 weeks but you'll have memories that will last a lifetime.

your power


This is the exciting stuff! On the day of your session you will arrive to our studio and jump straight into hair and makeup. Afterwards, we will spend a few minutes looking through lingerie and making final outfit selects. We will then spend 1.5 hours in our beautiful studio space where you will be coached the entire way into various poses and prompts. We will play your favorite music, be your biggest hype team, and help you discover why boudoir is so fun and POWERFUL! 

unique Experience


It all starts with the click of a button! After we receive your contact form, our studio will contact you to set up your complimentary consultation. During your consultation, we will provide all the juicy details our experience, select the date for your posing session, collect your retainer, and chat about any questions that you may have. After you've paid your retainer, you will receive our contract along with other documents that must be returned within 48 hours. 



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For all inquires and questions, please fill out the form below. Our studio will contact you within 48 hours to begin planning your experience. 

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